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New York Times Best-Seller
Close to You ISBN: 0312262663
St. Martin's Press
September 2001
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Someone wants to get close to KEY News anchorwoman Eliza Blake -- even if it takes murder to do it.

Before it's too late, Eliza has to answer the "five W's," the five key questions that any good reporter asks:
Who? Who is scrutinizing and dissecting what Eliza says and what she wears every night as she reports the news on the Evening Headlines?

What? What does Eliza do that engenders the harmless letters from admiring fans and the threatening messages from twisted fanatics?

When? When should Eliza start worrying that she and her young daughter are in mortal danger?

Where? Where is the stalker hiding? Or is her tormentor right before her eyes?

Why? Why have so many people, each for a different reason, become obsessed with getting closer . . . and closer to Eliza Blake?
Each night, a national TV audience of millions chooses to watch Eliza Blake (whom you might remember from Mary Jane's first book, DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET?). But which one of them is no longer content just to watch? The suspect pool is limitless. It could be anyone with a television set.

Read an Excerpt


"Clark's depiction of the stalkers who plague celebrities disturbs and convinces, and her characters come alive on the page: criminal, sick, genuinely evil, or simply flawed and very human. This is an excellent psychological thriller that will keep readers pleasantly bound to the page."
--Publishers Weekly

"Damn! I can't believe I got to the end and couldn't figure out whodunit. CLOSE TO YOU gave me chills on Chapter One, and the apprehension stayed in the pit of my stomach until the last page. I tried guessing and re-reading, searching for clues, but the ending completely "gobsmacked" me.

This really is "behind the camera" -- Mary Jane Clark gets the details just right. She knows well the journalist's juggling act - the tug-of-war between work and family, between glamour and drudgery, between being friendly to caring viewers while trying to avoid obsessed kooks. I nearly missed my flight, I was so engrossed in CLOSE TO YOU. On a plane, on the beach, on a stakeout - Mary Jane Clark makes the hours fly."
--Vicki Mabrey, News Correspondent, "Sixty Minutes II"

"Mary Jane Clark has brought home the reality that being on television is not always so glamorous: sometimes it can be downright terrifying!"
--CBS News Correspondent, Elizabeth Kaledin

"This book hits home with me. Stalking is a serious issue in the television business. It can mean having to look behind your back every time you step outside. Mary Jane Clark nails it; with every page my heart raced faster."
--CBS News Correspondent, Gretchen Carlson

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