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Cassie Sheridan has everything a television reporter could want: an important beat in Washington D.C., a skyrocketing career, and a talent that everyone acknowledges. But then, she makes a critical mistake. Suddenly, her career is in shambles, her credibility is questioned, and her teenaged daughter makes her realize just how much time she hasn't spent with her. The repercussions of ambitious reporting have now derailed the career of KEY News justice correspondent Cassie Sheridan.

Cassie is transferred to Miami, to wait out the end of her contract -- separated from her family, her friends, and the familiarity of Washington. But in an unsuspecting Florida town, a killer is watching. And waiting.

While covering a hurricane that's moving up Florida's west coast, Cassie meets 11-year-old Vincent, who has just made a grisly discovery on the beach. In one week, Cassie traces the connection between Vincent's newfound "treasure" and a secret operation in the dark shadows of sunny Sarasota -- a story that has national significance and maybe, just maybe, will win back her reputation. But nobody knows how fierce the coming storm will be. Nobody knows how far a psychopath will go in pursuit of twisted pleasure. Nobody knows if a young woman's murderer will stop at nothing to keep the crimes a secret. And nobody knows if Cassie will get out alive ...

Reviews & Blurbs

"Combines several can't-miss elements...near-flawless plotting." (The Cleveland Plain Dealer)

"Fast-paced...brisk and absorbing." (Publishers Weekly)

"Clear, flowing prose...[Clark] has an insiderís expertise that adds to the novelís verisimilitude...[Clark] makes ample use of her insider credentials and story lines right out of the headlines...[a] well-crafted page turner." (Sarasota Herald Tribune)

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Book Information

Released 2002
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 0312983832
Available in Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, Audiobook, Large print