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Wedding Cake Mysteries

I know, I know. Wedding cakes are a world away from broadcast news, but, the writing style is still the same, with the aim to create satisfying suspense. With romance, family relationships, sweets and suspense, To Have and To Kill has something for every reader. It's been challenging and fun to create a new cast of characters who I think you'll find appealing. As always, I've tried to come up with clever plotting, a driving narrative and lots of surprises.

This does not mean that there will be no more KEY News stories. I love that fast-moving and suspenseful TV news world, as well as the characters populating it, and I always will. But, I was excited by this new idea and wanted to tell this story. I'm hoping you'll be willing to give something different a shot.

Books in the Series

Footprints in the Sand, January 2013
The Look of Love, January 2012
To Have and To Kill, 2011

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Publisher: William Morrow